Review: Princess Hours Thailand Version

Goong, or more known as Princess Hours, SK version really held a special place in my heart, maybe it’s because I grew up watching and rewatching it a couple o’times. That plus, y’know, the influences of Disney princesses and fantasies and all. It’s one of your modern Cinderellas, so it’s interesting; but one thing that made it unique is that — even though it’s the usual poor turned rich kinda plot, you’ll find out it ain’t that dreamy actually. It’s a bit realistic, though borderline masochistic/martyrdom with regards to our FL, imo.

Anywaay, I’m getting sidetracked. All I’m saying is, basically, I’ve been biased towards Princess Hours SK almost all my life, that I didn’t expect I’d consider watching a remake and actually like it!

First, let’s go about the cons before the pros, ey?

If there’s just one thing I don’t like about it though, it’s the voicing. Idk… do Thais dub it? If they did, the people dubbing them did a very poor job. I don’t feel any emotion in the VAs, particularly on our FL. Her sharp, high-pitched voice just didn’t work out for me, esp. the ‘side’ voicing like “Hmm…,” “Grr…” or “Ahh…” amongst a few that seemed more fake. If it’s from the actual actress herself, I’m really sorry. It just didn’t blend with the scenes.

The voiceovers was really bad for me. Not so much on the guys, but on FL. She’s the FL for goodness’ sake! They should’ve placed more thought or care on it.


Also, this is just a minor one but… I really really like the OSTs and BGMs of Goong, so hearing the Thai version required a lot of adjusting. At first, I even had it on mute. And when some drama clicks in, I’d play the SK songs on my playlist alongside the video. It actually worked really well! Then again, err… I realised I feel like I’d be disrespecting the efforts done by the Thai team so in about Ep 6 or so, I unmuted them and listened to the actual Thai BGMs.

Well, I don’t hate it; but it’s not like I like it as well. More like… I got used to it? Well, in my defence, it’s prolly just the same thing with when I first started watching Kdramas and Cdramas. And now, I’m just so used to them styles and diction that Thai music was obviously relatively new. In the end, however, it was a fun discovery. Fortunately, the BGMs and OSTs settled to something ‘okay’ for me.

Now, putting those cons aside, let’s head to the pros.

Princess Hours Thailand was an interesting remake drama. It’s ’cause, y’know, they’re royalty is in line with British practices and monarchy (maybe because they’ve been colonised by the Brits before?). That said, the costumes and styles were more like the Brits, the wedding, and even the faces gave me a European vibe than Asian. lol [Please don’t kill me.] In a way though, that itself made it unique and interesting. They didn’t just copy it and whatnot. They also integrated their own traditions, their values, which really made me appreciate and better understand their culture. So, it’s a plus for me on that aspect.

Also, even though the music in general and the backdrops are “average” at best (again, I’m still trying to get the hang of Thai styles), the characterisation, script and acting though was a good boost for me. They changed a lot of scenes, and a lot of details, yes; but, even with those changes, my overall rate for this drama is close to par with the original SK version. At least, all that angst and unnecessary push-pulls were toned down! Huhuhu Mah heart was able to cope more here. ヾ( ̄ω ̄; )

To begin, let’s start off by going over the main characters.

inn Prince Inn

First off, I really really really love the temperament of the ML here, Prince Inn. He still had that usual cold demeanour, but he’s also more soft/kind-hearted and open of his feelings. He’s more sensitive towards the FL, and imo did an extra effort than whatever baka-Shin ever did in meeting it.

His development and love was so consistent. The reason behind his behaviour (and consequently, the misunderstandings that ensued) was solid. And the reason why I’m loving this drama so much is because of him.


His jealousy is more see-through and he really speaks of his worries or problems. One time, he even asked his sister’s advice on how he would be able to show his feelings to Khaning more, considering all this time, he was trained to bottle in all his emotions. ISN’T THAT FECKING CUTE?!

Also, alsooo, remember that SK scene in Ep 5 where Chaekyung “admonished” Prince Shin because he was talking to Hyo-Rin while they were eating and shit? And what a disrespect it was to her, and Prince Shin retorted about her “schemes” to only marry him about money?

Well, yeah, it happened here too [and, well, I actually liked the Thai version of it than SK—I like the script]. But instead of a rather roundabout-near shitty apology on SK, idk, I find it way cuter in Thai where Inn asked her brother to deliver an “I’m sorry” cake gift instead.

Another one: that part where the reason Shin went to Bangkok alone because he was jealous? Yeah, it’s same here. But the “jealousy” was intense. They really fought it out, with him outright saying “I am jealous!” HAHAHAHA So, his jealousy + the awkward fight = better than him being jealous silently and leaving a poor Chaekyung having to think it out for herself.

Also, in Ep 10 (or was in 9?) where Shin and Hyo-Rin met and Hyo-Rin kissed Shin at the airport? Well, yeaaah… it happened here too. Only that, when Minnie (the equivalent of Hyo-Rin) tried to kiss him, he FUCKING REFUSED IT! Yasss, he refused it! And it was only Minnie who forced herself on him. SEE?! It’s so obvious! His developing feelings are so obvious! To the point where he also became openly stubborn in refusing Minnie’s advances! Unlike baka-Shin.

Also, alsooo, he’s more goofy (?) and adorkable here. He’d (unconsciously) ride into FL’s craziness more often than Prince Shin. More like, he literally got infected of her. I know it’s the same for Prince Shin, but Prince Shin is more subtle. Whenever the Chaekyung in him resurfaces, he would automatically dismiss it as something crazy. Well, here’s quite the opposite folks!


I still really find it hilarious when the elders tried to force them to make babies, and they agreed to each other to “fake it.” And the method of faking it? PILLOOOW FIGHT! In addition to Khaning tying up Inn so he wouldn’t get wild! HAHAHAHA

See, it’s like this. They are both aware of what the Elders were trying to do. Heck, the elders were more open about it and won’t stop until they get it! HAHAHA So, to keep them off their backs, they finally said “okay” and agreed to both drink the tonic! Sooo… Khaning tying up Inn was a necessary step, y’know. For her chastity, y’know.

Another: remember that part where it was Yul’s birthday and Chaekyung put make-up on Shin? Yass, it’s also here. Only that, after Khaning did so, she fell asleep. Bad move! The lipstick was still on the bed. So, when Inn saw that, he too put make-up on Khaning (not knowing there was make-up on him too)! When they both left the room and people saw them…. hilarity ensues.

Also, did I forget to mention they fecking sleep together (and how much he obviously love hugs and cuddling)?! And yeah, how likably romantic was that?!


If those set-up tent scenes weren’t any indication. Also, he’s really more open in confronting Nakhun (Yul’s counterpart) here. Openly picking fights with him to “get the hell away from my wife.” HAHAHAHA

Only, only…. there are really just parts where he still fail in the words department. Obviously, like Shin, he’s still a baby in TELLING HER his real feelings. (ಠ_ಠ) When you’re like Khaning and expecting a good cutesy confession here and then, he just went and blew it off by saying something else! Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ

Prince Nakhun


Putting aside Prince Inn… come on, I’m not gonna beat around the bush this time around. The actor who played Prince Nakhun was also really attractive as well! Umuuu~ (*/▽\*) I’m definitely more hands down on him than the actor who played Yul! Not just the face though! His characterisation / interpretation of Yul was good too! Well, there’s still the same choss dramas, his character being sentimental and all. But at least he fights back, against Inn ofc. HAHAHAHA


I was still shookt about that scene where, after Khaning’s disappearing act and Inn saw her with Nakhun, instead of just (in the SK version) Shin punching the daylights out of Yul, they really went down in a full brawl. By ‘full’, I meant punching each other.

Still, though, wrt his mother, he’s still the puppy that he is. (¬д¬。)

Anyway, I really have nothing against Nakhun. At least, his crying act is better. iykwim (ಠ_ಠ) But then, Phan Pagniez also had some shortcomings in acting too. Idk. I don’t feel his “I am bad” vibe whenever he’s trying to be? Orz… maybe it’s also a good way of saying that Yul/Nakhun really has no evil bone in him?

Either waay~ I really wished he had a lot more screen time. Then again, considering he’s just a side character, it wouldn’t be too good if he outshines the ML (gets more screen time than him) or became more romantically involved with the FL than he already was.

2-17Princess Khaning

The FL of the show~

Well, I’ve already said I didn’t like her voicing, but I do like her acting and characterisation of “Chaekyung”! At least, she isn’t all tears y’know.


For example, when Chaekyung learned of Shin’s escapades in Bangkok, rather than playing the pity card and crying, Khaning get’s freaking angry and walk out!

It’s kinda same with the Ep. 5 I mentioned earlier, about their first fight of her telling Inn it was rude of him to talk to Minnie while she was there. Rather than crying, she just had teary eyes, got angry, and walk away. lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Seeing it, I realised I kinda like it like that. Seeing YEH crying all the time just breaks my heart and make me feel like all she ever do is cry whenever.

Anyway, seeing Khaning’s all-smiles and doesn’t care about the world is more refreshing than a hundred litres of tears from SK. :>

With regards to the clumsy acts though, it’s Chaekyung hands down. Imo, YEH pulled it off more naturally than how this actress ever did. [PS. Sorry, her name was too long~]. Then again, with the characterisation, it’s her. Don’t get me wrong though. YEH is a really great actress. The crying acts need a lot more effort, y’know. Just… it’s just, looking back at it, I really would’ve preferred a less crybaby FL. It breaks my heart less.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. If any of you dear readers wish to argue otherwise, like Chaekyung > Khaning, I won’t even attempt fighting you (it’s different when you’ll say Shin > Inn though, that I would start to question your taste HAHAHAAHA)

Btw, she’s really pretty here though~!


12530839_461971564001764_421783124_nKhun Minnie

The last one on the Main Cast list, the counterpart of Min Hyo-Rin!

This girl is a real fighter on this one! Rather than a ballerina, she’s an archer. Well, she’s prolly same as Khaning on the opposite spectrum portrayal. See, I kinda viewed Hyo-Rin as a relatively soft-spoken girl, hiding her true nature by being “gentle”. And this Minnie is just waaaay different! She confronts Khaning head-on and more aggressively.

Well, part of that is prolly because of the instigation of everyone around her—her uncle and that fecking ridiculous self-proclaimed “Queen.”


Well, unlike the SK version where Hyo-Rin outright rejects Shin, it’s kinda same here but not quite, ’cause y’know, she boldly asked him to “wait for her.” So, yeah, unlike Hyo-Rin where she just says she wants to chase her dreams than be tied down to Princess position, that “wait for me” line of Minnie kinda made sense and justified her “I want you back, why did you not wait for me when I asked you too!” kinda drama.

But! Before she did went full force on that path though, she was still also a bit more logical in a sense that “Myged, Prince Inn is already married. It will be rude of me to butt in” and didn’t return until after a while [partly pushed by her uncle and that “Queen”]. And no, the calling doesn’t count. (orz.. maybe it did) but I kinda just regarded it as a “we’re friends” kinda call.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. Going back to the “I shall get him back” scenes now.

As said, she’s equally vile with her words and methods. Couple with the fact that she’s an athlete, so “strong” you know, the imposing aura is complete. lol

Then again, I also really pity her though. Since her and her feelings being used and played at by that “Queen” was more blatant here than ever. To the point she was even given a fecking knife to suicide in front of people! Like shit?!

Either way though, I love her “other side” portrayal of Hyo-Rin the same way I love the gentle persona of the original. On the upside, however, I also really, really liked it how it ended up between her and Khaning in the end.


At least, she’s more open to the idea of them being friends than Hyo-Rin. While Hyo-Rin’s actions are really more justifiable, but it also took a lot of courage for what Minnie did… like accepting her rival as friend. wew

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Other Characters

Well, the King is just as shitty. The Grandma is a little less funny, but still just as naive. The Queen is equally miserable and equally perceptive. The sister is equally wise beyond her age. The friends are immensely underappreciated due to lack of screen time [PS. That friend of Inn with the curly hair is reallly cute tho~]. And Khaning’s family are highly adorable, the brother most esp. less dorky but funny and caring and more cute all the same. Of course, the self-proclaimed “Queen” is more blatantly evil, stupid, ridiculous, crazy, heartless and overall try-hard Queen Bitch.


Myged, if gifting that knife ain’t enough, she even dared use her own son! Yass, yass, she was the one who personally snapped the photo of Khaning and Nakhun while the latter was comforting Khaning. Of course, of course, she went with the angle where Nakhun was obscured. Still! At least, in the SK version, the Queen Bitch there was really protective and caring of her son!

Also, the ending was quite okay. I literally rofl-ed. If you think SK is conservative enough, really wait until you see this drama! grr… huhuahahauhu


Gotchu, mate! Sorry, but no additional spoilers for you this time. >:D

images 12.41.20 PMConclusion

Overall, I like the changes done, I like their own take of the original SK version of Goong. The drama was toned down, which is a good and bad thing. Good in a sense that myged at least my heart is spared of further agony. Bad in a sense that, on those scenes where I was kinda hoping a more dramatic act, well…… there wasn’t, obviously.

My summarised rates:

Development and script: 9.4/10
Music/BGM/VAs: 7/10
Overall acting: 8/10

Prince Inn: 10/10
Princess Khaning: 9.5
Prince Nakhun: 9
Khun Minnie: 10/10

This drama is still an interesting watch! I’m loving this solidly because of Prince Inn. HAHAHAHA Great job, Thailand!

Theeen, finally, before we completely end this, watch this fanmade MV (the maker of this really did a good job):


4 thoughts on “Review: Princess Hours Thailand Version

  1. I really liked it too, agree with all you said about Inn character but one thing that wasn’t clear for me is why we never saw a clean-camera kiss. My feeling was that neither the actress playing khaning nor Inn wanted to kiss to with all the camera angles look like they kissed each one cheek very close to the lips and with all the camera movements seemed like they where actually kissing. Does this made sense to you? I mean when Inn kissed Minnie it was clean, over the lips no problem but I don’t know if this was due to a poor chemistry between both actors behind the scenes, maybe.

    Anyway, loved to read your review! And also really liked this drama!

    Adding a few comments over the leading actress, in the Thai version I really liked how she saves de day with the press in the first episodes. I mean she may be clumsy but can be smart too.



    1. Ikr?! The kiss scene, if there even is any, was sooo disappointing. I mean even at the end… like come on?! xDD lol

      Also, yass, let us agree! Some characterisations may be different, but I also like some changes. Such as the “strong, independent” woman-esque of Khaning (at least she doesn’t always cry) and of course PRINCE INN! PRINCE INN PLS. xDD ❤ ❤


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