What is the Great Treasure in “ONE PIECE”?

In my case, as I’ve said in my comment, “I kinda imagined Raftel to just be some paradise island. Everything is there. Everything is in one piece. The Poneglyphs. The All-Blue. The Origin of Akuma no Mis. It is the greatest reward, free of worries… maybe freedom itself. Also, perhaps an island that cannot be touched even by the corrupt government. It’s like the ultimate destination after a verrrry long voyage with friends. It also lines up with the recurring theme that a Pirate King is someone with the most freedom. And the reason why only a few people reach it is because they’ve always been sidetracked by a bunch of things — power, problems, worries, doubts, etc. etc.”

Oda-sensei so far had been the author of unpredictability. Along with other great authors, he had mastered the art of surprise. I don’t know how he’s going to end it. I’ll keep my mind open but, until then, yasss… for me, that is One Piece (mentioned above).

Anyhow, I recommend reading this post for all One Piece fans! It’s a great compilation of theories. :>

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