React: Taylor Swift and Look What You Made Her Do

I really love Taylor Swift’s songs, from the fantasy countries Love Story and Teardrops of My Guitar to the brutal awakening to reality of Shake it Off and her latest, Look What You Made Me Do.

Well, about Taylor Swift itself… I’m not exactly a 100% fan. I don’t mindlessly worship her (the only artist I “mindlessly” worship is Ed Sheeran). I mean, there are certain aspects I like about her, and some parts I’m not sure. For example, I like her songs and how she treats her fans and friends… or the fact that at least she hadn’t resorted to drugs and alcohol despite everything she’d gone through (strong independent woman?). Some parts I’m not sure… her dating habits. Or the fact that she also had a lot of enemies. Sooo… maybe somewhere, there’s also something really wrong that I just don’t know. Or maybe there’s just this bunch of people jumpin’ in on the hate bandwagon. Remember Justin Bieber? Idk. Irdk. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

Continuing on that though, right now, I just feel… sorry for Taylor Swift.

Expanding on it…

Idk… I guess with the treatment of others esp. with regards to her recent trial as well. I mean, okay, maybe she was a bitch to Kanye, but to completely use that as a means of not supporting her even in another unrelated case… I mean, isn’t that just double standards? What happened to them feminists? Aren’t you just being liars and hypocritical yourselves too? Or is it because “Oh, I finally see this girl down,” or “Well, she’s Taylor Swift” or she’s my enemy, so why should I help her? D: Does your campaign come with selected-few-people-only now?

Yeaah, the competition is strong on this one. Once you’re up, only way is to go down. And when your downfall finally came, people will stop at nothing to keep you there.

But, of course, boom! This song came up and she just basically rose up against it herself.

TL;DR: Idk really why but I. JUST. LOVE. IT. Look, let’s admit it, Taylor Swift is a good lyricist. She’s talented. She had this way of pulling her listeners to her songs with those catchy lyrics that some can relate one way or another. If you’re a fan, she’s good. If you’re a hater and throws shades at her, she’s also fine. She’s just gonna throw some shade back.

Idk really why people hated her songs. I don’t mind if it’s because of personal preference, like you just don’t listen to it, etc. etc. Because I respect personal taste. But if it’s just because of the person itself? Because it came from her “experiences”? Because she’s too mainstream? Or maybe just because she’s now too famous and commanded the charts? That I don’t get. I don’t get haters tryin’ to antagonise and forcibly impose their hate on the fans under grounds of just those… ’cause it’s really not convincing. Well, actually, it’s also the same to them “worshippers.” We all have our own personal taste. Deal with it.

Moving on~

Personally, I may be mostly apathetic about the person herself, but I love her songs! And my point of all that really is just this: to completely diss Taylor Swift’s talent just because she’s Taylor Swift is stupid… at least, imo. (; ̄Д ̄)

Anyway, let’s just go back to the song. On to the specific details~!

One thing I really find funny about this is the fact that she’s just like “OKAY, FUCK IT! So sick of this.” Or something. Call her manwhore just because she dated a lot and wrote songs about it, she’s embracing it. Call her snake, she’s celebrating it. Even making tons of money out of it! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) She knows the industry well. And she’s playing it good. Really, if entertainment industry was Game of Thrones, I’d bet TS would be one of those few survivors. xDD HAHAHAHA 

Anyway, I find LWYMMD somehow related to her previous song, Shake it Off. However, unlike Shake it Off where she’s just ‘okay, whatever, I’ll just shake it off and have fun while you go rant over there.” Right now, she’s this girl who brutally fights back. Sure, there were still some shades in her previous songs, but imo Look What You Made Me Do is just… a hundred times brutal and more direct, I guess? Even the entire video is shade. Or maybe it just went off as that considering the recent big drama she’s in…?

Just a side note…

It somehow reminded me of a Chinese novel I’m following right now… Reign of the Hunters. There was a recent case there where the infamous FL was accused by her ex-guild of being a thief and stealing their treasures. However, rather than arguing with it over the channels, since she’s being accused of a thief anyway, she just went ahead and became a real one. Suffice to say, first thing she did was steal all the valuable goods of that guild. lolol Orzz.. well, something like that.

Anywaaay, moving on… the song. Right.

So far, LWYMMD was catchy. For me, at least. Especially the chorus and the bridge. The words are simple, and repetitive, so it’s very easy to remember and sing on repeat. I think that’s also a kind of technique to make it, y’know, easily singable by a lot, so it spreads faster. ┐(‘~`;)┌

It has this fantasy-esque theme at the start, before mixing it up with the poppy parts. Another thing: that rattle-rattle thing that sounds like a snake… so far, I appreciate the mixing of elements here — the fantasy-esque synth, the pops and the snake thing. How they were able to come up with that and mix it well, I think that was amazing! Well, I’m no musician tho so I’m just basing this off from what I heard and my personal thoughts. So forgive me if I can’t provide any technical backups. If you, as a musician, thinks that it really wasn’t much of an effort/unique, then okay, I respect that. Feel free to shoot it down in the comments below to enlighten me. I have no problems with that.

I’ve also watched the video, and mygod, yeaah… the whole thing was basically shade. lol But, myged, the technique is there. I really thought I’m going to hate it. I mean, I’ve always been a lover of love songs so I really would’ve preferred her country fairytale-like ones. But, so far, I also find her brutal lyrics charming, the same kinda charm when I listened to her Shake it Off and New Romantics.

I’m not a very big fan of anyone (Oops… well, actually, except for Ed Sheeran ’cause I just love him). But yeah, I do love catchy songs, especially the witty ones and in some cases, brutal. And LWYMMD for me was witty (with the MV on a whole new level) and obviously brutal.

I mean, if you just ignore the artist, wouldn’t the lyrics speak to you in some way as well? When you’re all just FML, FML, so done. Lemme show you you can’t just easily bring me down. And, well, in a creative sense.

Also alsoo, I find it interesting when I look back at Taylor Swift’s evolution of songs. As mentioned in the first few paragraphs… at first, we have this Taylor Swift with her country songs and fairytale themes, then went to growing up, and now! She’s expanding not just in the genre but in her style and themes as well. Push aside love songs and hello me. Hello reputation. From all you are is mean, to you’re mean but I’m just gonna shake it off, to feck, look what you made me do?! There’s this visible flow. And it’s quite interesting ‘cause in some way, it’s also like seeing a person grow? Maybe because one big factor is that she wrote all these songs, and it directly speaks about her life. In a sense, in hindsight, you can also clearly see all the struggle some artists facefor example, how Holllywood changed them. You know… when back in the old days, you’re still this innocent person whose only pain is heart aches and non-fairytale endings but lo! In came life and bam!

Again, so far, I love LWYMMD (though it took me about 2 repeats to completely appreciate it). Imagine, if this is going to kick off, then I guess TS finally had her “revenge.” Whether she really was in the wrong or not, she didn’t bother arguing when the issue came up, ‘cause she wanna argue in the manner she knows how… by writing a song about it that will earn her millions, top it off in charts and bam, show it off to them people in a silver platter. In a sense, I guess that’s more brutal.

How this girl really thinks, I dunno. Maybe she’s really just on it for revenge. Or maybe she’s just genuinely pissed off that she wrote a song about it… Idk. But right now, I’m liking LWYMMD regardless if it’s from TS or not.

reputationSo, what do you guys think?

About the song. The MV. Or Taylor Swift in general? Like it? Hate it? Comment down below and lemme know. I’d like some worthwhile discussions and/ exchange of opinions.

Again, please do note the “worthwhile” part. I don’t like all that over-the-top hatin’ without even telling why. Like “wut”?! (´Д`)

Disclaimer: Photos grabbed from Google.

Also, yeah, I know this post was days late. But whatever. I had a horrible internet connection problem in the dorms, so I really can’t be bothered into going online for a long time just to write this in one go. It’s actually still down now so if I replied late, please bear with me.

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