Review: While You Were Sleeping (Korean Drama)

From the thrill. To the action. To the romance (well, it’s getting there). The characters. The plot. It’s just wow. Really. Wow. This drama just keeps on amazing me with every turn. And right now, just with 8 episodes in, I’m absolutely all praises~!

Seriously, I don’t even know where to begin. All I know is that I’m super hooked that I can’t help but write about it to spread the good news.

This is an English-subbed of its first teaser:


A woman named Nam Hong-Joo, portrayed by Bae Suzy, can see accidents that take place in the future through her dreams. A prosecutor named Jung Jae-Chan, played by Lee Jong-Suk, struggles to stop those dreams from becoming real.


First things first, let me talk about the plot. True to the summary’s words, it’s about a boy and a girl who could see the future in their dreams. And then try their best to stop those horrible chain of events from happening. Period.

In every sense of the word, I admit the drama’s really a bit clichéd (though, then again, what isn’t these days). Especially as a lover of transmigrated, reincarnated, reborned, or plots with supernatural elements like these. In  a historical setting. Crime. Modern. HOWEVER! Before I jump the gun and you going with me, there’s just something special about it, and how the flow of events, the different scenes, were played out that gripped you in every turn and magnificently made it original. Hell, it is an original.

While_You_Were_Sleeping_(2017_TV_series) That said, yes, without a doubt, I am praises with how the scenes played out, the pacing of the events and even the arrangement of the reveals. The first episode itself was so strong and very convincing enough to make me say it is a definite must-recommend drama to watch. And as a so-so lover of dramas (well, I really do prefer books and novels than dramas), that is something.

The development of the characters so far was good. Their portrayal was good, not at all 2D, and the actors and actresses delivered them well!

First, we have this lovable, adorkable heroine, who is just so cute and have her own sense of justice. And an equally “funny” guy who is still trying to make sense of what is happening, even troubled of it all, but slowly accepting it before finally using it to help people.

Like I said, they’re not at all 2D and have this realism in them. After all, if you were given such an ability, would you immediately accept and play hero — helping them citizens left and right, not knowing the troubles ahead? Especially if, other than that ability, you have nothing else special with you — not reputation, nor money.

I dunno about you, but thinking all that as an element and having it as a first-off conflict in this series makes me appreciate it more and help me ease into it. Though, to be honest, I also wouldn’t have minded otherwise, i.e. protagonists immediately playing-hero and transcending the heavens. After all, it is the common tropes in most Xianxia novels. lol


Anywayy, I’m straying from my point.

Going back, like I said, I love everything so far. And if something like this went on, I don’t mind the proposed 32 episodes. I would even happily promote it myself so a lot of people can appreciate it more.

Both Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-Suk played well this time. They’re both funny and cute. Especially Bae Suzy, wow! It’s just amazing how she could easily switch her acting, from being weird and funny to something serious then crying.

Lee Sang-Yeob, playing as the evil/sly lawyer, was good too! Damn, I hate his character with every fibre of my being! Moreover, the other supporting character, Jung Hae-In was also wow in this! I mean I’ve noticed him from Goblin, his good-looking face is something you cannot ignore (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄), but this time… he really is something. I’m looking forward to more of his character developments! I also wouldn’t mind this turning into a tritagonist one. o(≧▽≦)o lol


That said, absolute hats off to the actors and actresses, the directors and writers too! Well, I’m already expecting a lot just from the director-writer duo. I hope they don’t disappoint. Huehuehue

Right now, I’m rating it an overall solid 9.7. If this was a novel in NU, no doubt a 5 stars. I’m waiting more for all that juicy developments in all aspects — character, plot, romance.

Currently, this drama is still ongoing. By the middle of the series, or by the end, when considerable events have passed, I might rewrite this drama review. Until then, I hope you guys watch this! Especially if you’re a lover of crime, action, thrill, mystery, and doesn’t mind supernatural mixed in.

Disclaimer: All photos grabbed from Google, and summary is an edited version from Asianwiki.

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