Review: Daytime Shooting Star (Movie Adaptation)


Suzume Yosano (Mei Nagano) is a first grade high school student. She lived in the countryside, but, due to her parents transferring overseas for work, Suzume now lives in Tokyo with her uncle (Ryuta Sato). Suzume has never had a boyfriend before, but she has feelings for her homeroom teacher Satsuki Shishio (Shohei Miura). Meanwhile, her classmate, Daiki Mamura (Aran Shirahama), becomes attracted to Suzume.

Welp, that summary was the movie summary. But, in a sense, it already sums up the manga as well. So I decided to go with it (after all, this is also a review more on the movie than the manga).


Anyway, tbh, I’m really quite torn with what to say or how to rate this story. A part of me screams that it was better than expected. Then again, HIRUNAKA NO RYUUSEI IS REALLY MY FAVOURITE MANGA OUT OF ALL THE FEW HANDPICKED SHOUJO MANGAS I’VE READ, so between this movie and the manga, manga all the way! And that said, this movie reallly lacked some of the manga keypoints that, well, should be there.

Warning: Beyond this point contains spoilers and rants. Please proceed at your own risk.


To start off, the movie centers around a girl named Yosano Suzume who moved to Tokyo (to her uncle’s) when her parents decided to move somewhere else for her father’s job (the mother followed her husband to help him).

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.48.12 PM

That said, the story opens up with Suzume being lost in the city, collapsing from hunger, and a cute guy to the rescue. And, if you guessed it right, zhazhang! Of course, that guy’s going to be one of our beloved love interests!

The guy happens to be Suzume’s uncle’s friend. Or was it colleague? And her teacher!

Now, as the new kid in town, Suzume had a hard time fitting in. She was soooo adorably cute, dorky, but sometimes awkward! HAHAHAHA! Then again, that’s what made her cute! So anyway, to her who’s new, she found her first comfort from, other than that sensei duh, the handsome quiet guy who sits next to her — MAMURA DAIKI!

By this point, lemme cut off my narration by saying, OMG! I was really supportive of Mamura all the way since the first time I laid my eyes on him! But, boooo, the first part of HnR was portraying him as a second male lead (SML). I was really devastated (at first) but…..


Going back, of course, through the course of the school term, Suzume’s falling fast for the sensei (let’s just finally name him Satsuki Shishio / Satsuki-sensei) whilst her next-seat neighbour’s slowly falling in love with her too! WELP, see the drama now? >:D hehehe


Though, you really can’t blame Suzume though. When I discussed this with some of my friends who’ve read it, they really fell for the sensei too! He was caring, really funny, a gentleman, and just in every shoujo sense “ideal.” Soo… ahem, when things happened, they were really upset (of course, the opposite happened to me — I was absolutely happy!). And anyway, plus the fact that Suzume’s thoughts in the first part of HnR mostly revolves around Satsuki-sensei. Soooo… y’know, everything screamed of: EVEN THOUGH YOU LIKE MAMURA, SHE’S GOING TO END UP WITH SENSEI (i.e. the usual shoujo trope)! (눈_눈)

But of course, if you didn’t get the hint a while ago, HnR is anything but shoujo trope. Well, while it’s still there but… y’know. It’s going to smash some of your usual expectations.

The Characters

So, anywaay, I’ve already briefly described two of our three main protagonists. Yosano Suzume is such an awkward but adorable and relatable girl that you just can’t help but love! And sensei is, perhaps like most shoujo male leads, good in his own way. AHAHAHAH Sorry for discounting him, but yeaaah~ is my bias that obvious?

But, welp, Mamura! Mamura please.


If Satsuki-sensei is kind, Mamura is definitely kinder. If the former is a gentleman, all the more Mamura. If you’d even go as far as saying Satsuki-sensei is understanding, then where do you put Mamura at? The god of understanding?! lolol Remember, Suzume likes Satsuki-sensei. Mamura knows Suzume likes Satsuki-sensei! But instead of pushing Suzume to him, he was just there. Supporting her.

Yes, he told her he likes her. But he also told her he knows of her feelings, so is not pushing her to like him back. When Suzume was dumped by sensei, he didn’t push himself to Suzume. He let her cry on his shoulder, but not rushing her to move on and turn to him now that she’s heartbroken.

So, yes, in every sense of ideality, Mamura is really, definitely more of the ideal than Satsuki-sensei ever was! If there’s just one thing sensei had an advantage over Mamura… it’s that sensei is funny. Mamura isn’t. HAHAHA Welp, he is one “serious” guy after all. Not laughing too much, but really good and really kind. Oh, ahh, wait, there’s also another one — he was the “best friend” in the first part. So… y’know. That was one advantage sensei had until he fecking wasted it!

Where did the movie go… wrong?

EVERYTHING ABOUT MAMURA. And everything around sensei!

I gotta say Mamura was really more proactive this time. WHERE IS MY GENTLE MAMURA? As compared to the manga where he really lets himself as the ultimate cannon fodder guy, here… well, he’s a bit off. More like, we don’t get to see his cute sides! We don’t get to see his development! We don’t get to see how or what he thinks!


If my memory serves me right, it was really quite a while since Mamura realised he had feelings for Suzume. Her awkwardness. Her kindness. Her honesty. But nope, not this time! Or, well, maybe because this is a movie so they had to cut it short?

Idk. The Mamura in this movie is just lacking, and I daresay even looked desperate. NOT TOO desperate of course. He is still the embodiment of calmness and cool.


What I meant was, y’know, when in-movie Mamura kissed Suzume on the cheeks just when she was still on the height (or was it start, it’s really kind of a blur with the “fast” pace of the movie) of her adoration to sensei…. I don’t think that’s what in-manga Mamura would do. In-manga Mamura doesn’t do things that would only distress Suzume, or make her confused. 😐


Also alsooo, when Mamura and Suzume are finally dating, there was this scene that I really loved wherein it shows that Mamura really cares. It was after he and Suzume were alone in her room and they somewhat had a near-kiss scene… but of course, Mamura stopped himself before “it’s too late.” And anywaay, after that, Mamura had a talk and confessed to the uncle (which Suzume overheard) that,

“Of course, he’s a guy so those thoughts are always there. But he’s not gonna do that. Because he understands Suzume still have feelings for Satsuki-sensei. Her attention to him is only half. He’s also not good with these things, but he will try his very best so she won’t cry again. He will wait until she’s finally moved on. So, for him, everything right now is… enough.”


And, for me, that scene was one of the turning point that, although, yes, Suzume’s first love was sensei, but Mamura’s strong point is not to be like sensei, but something more. Someone who truly understands, and to an extent tolerate hahahaha her.

And all these things was WHERE in the movie?! NONE! Where was the meet the family?! NONE!!!

These things I find are very crucial, especially since Mamura and Suzume started dating near the end of the series (so their time together was relatively “short”). It’s that turning point, or turning points rather, where you can further appreciate and understand WHY Suzume chose Mamura in the end. And why Mamura definitely deserve happiness (oops.. was that spoilery enough? lol).

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 6.05.05 PM.png

Instead, when Suzume and Mamura were dating, it just also made Satsuki-sensei appear all too desperate too. Like out of nowhere after dumping her, he wants to be back on the game and get her. Like UGH!

Also, I did mention that one thing I also didn’t like is everything around sensei.

Don’t get me wrong. Miura Shohei-san PERFECTLY NAILED the in-manga Satsuki. He was funny, someone you can easily talk to, and in every sense of the word “chill.” Despite him being the “bad guy” later on for rejecting our lovely heroine, he really isn’t anything evil.

BUT HE’s PORTRAYED AS SUCH IN THIS MOVIE! An indecisive evil idiot!


There was a perfect reason in the manga. Something about a past, and his ex-girlfriend. I cannot recall much, but it was a good reason for his indecisiveness. Unlike here! Myged, just because it’s sensei x student?! Forgive me but… it was a really too shallow.

Moreover, when sensei wanted her back just when it’s already Mamura x Suzuki, even that initial conflict of sensei x student is invalid. Like it turns out Satsuki-sensei doesn’t even mind the sensei x student relationship after all so… huh? what? Why reject her in the first place?


Then again, what made the movie… good?

Everything about Suzume. And the fresh a bit “proactiveness” of Mamura. Actually, I wouldn’t call it proactive… but maybe forward? He’s really more forward about his feelings on this adaptation. As opposed to his manga-ego where he tends to just keep it to himself and let Suzume decide for herself.

Anyway, lemme defend myself.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 6.08.22 PM.png

Sure, the adorableness that is Mamura was cut by around 1/2 with this but! Idk, I find it not too bad considering that a bit more of Mamura is still there. Sure, he may be a bit more forward in confessing his feelings… but I can only blame that for the ~2hrs movie runtime, as oppose to manga where you have like 11 volumes for it! Or was it 10? 12?

All I can say is that… boohoo, I pity sensei this time around. I mean, if you have no background of the actual events, it’ll make you appreciate every character, especially his, LESS. In a sense, the movie somewhat sabotaged a bit of his character’s background (and therefore, personality). :<<

Welp welp even then, however, I think (again) given the limited time, it’s also good that little sympathy is given to the sensei? Otherwise, idk, it might only confuse the viewers. AT LEAST, OMG, THE MOVIE STICK-ed (STUCK? lol) TO THE ORIGINAL ENDING OF HNR!

Summary of Thoughts

Hirunaka no Ryuusei has the sweetest, cutest, really good ending I’ve ever read in all the movies I’ve watched and mangas I’ve read. So, for the movie to stick to the original, I LOVE IT. ❤


It makes you appreciate the heroine how she really properly looked at the feelings of both the sensei and Mamura. Then, herself. And, from there, arrive to a conclusion of who she really loved. In a sense, it also gives you another perspective of love. That the second time doesn’t make it any less than the first.

And to Mamura, mygod, you can’t help but just love him and everything about him — his selflessness for one! He really is, in every sense, much more ideal than sensei ever was.

And I’m glad that he got his happy ending in the end. ❤ ❤

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 6.10.50 PM

Final Verdict: I say it was still worth it. I did not feel the disappointment as much as I thought I would (hehehe might be because the movie ending was consistent with the original and was still equally cute). I can only blame the length of the movie, for compressing the details and leaving me to appreciate some of the characters less. Even then, I still recommend this to everyone! Especially if you haven’t read the manga yet.

If they made a series of this, and took full consideration of everything I just said, then by all means… please!

Disclaimer: Images retrieved from Google, or is a screenshot from the movie. Review is un-edited / unpolished.

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