Review: The Eternal Love (Chinese Drama)


It was so sweet to the point of diabetes. The chemistry of the actors was totally hands-down. Myged! It healed my heart 1M% seeing A LOT of those moe scenes. Plus it’s historical! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A HISTORICAL CN DRAMA WITH GOOD ROMANCE STORY?! It’s literally like a compilation of moe scenes from some of my fave Chinese novels. The ML was soo agreeable. And the FL was lovable af! This is one of them few dramas where I can definitely say “hands down, great adaptation!”

I love the dynamics of the characters, and the fact that their personalities were layers upon layers. OHMYGOD MY HEART BROKE FOR THE FIRST PRINCE! HE IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF LAYERS UPON LAYERS KINDA CHARACTER. That although there is nothing to hate about the ML, I can’t help but still have this second male lead syndrome vibe not for the FL but for the other “half” of FL. Like PLEASE GIVE THESE TWO PEOPLE A HAPPY ENDING!


While I gather my bearings, please enjoy this good fanmade trailer for the meantime. Also, it uses the drama’s opening song, which imo is really good (I actually love the OSTs of this drama):

I did say I’m gonna calm down but OMG! I just can’t. I don’t even know where to begin! I advise you STOP RIGHT HERE AND GO WATCH IT INSTEAD. Go. Go! Then come back here so we can fan over it together.

Warning: Major spoilers (and I mean it this time) ahead! Please continue at your own risk.

This drama was really good, full of good comedy and ROMANCE. Moreover, I love the characters! There is nothing to hate. It has some weaknesses, yes (and I will get into it shortly), but not to a point of hate.

To start off, The Eternal Love is about a woman, Qu Xiao Tan whose soul transmigrated into the body of a young miss, Qu Tan Er, who just committed suicide by banging her head on a wall. Sounds familiar? YES! It’s the usual premise of our fave transmigrated CN novels. I was quite surprised really that this drama pushed through with the transmigration premise. As far as I know, China banned those kinds of plot? Time travel. Transmigration. Hence, butchering a lot of previously adapted novels. The Princess WeiYang, for example.

The Eight Prince, i.e. ML, on the left and the First Prince on the right.

Anyway, Qu Tan Er attempted suicide after hearing news her beloved First Prince married her Eldest Sister instead. What more, she’s now asked to marry the Eight Prince because of the King’s edict, someone she doesn’t know! She was quite bullied as well, being the daughter of a concubine. Extra extra familiar? Get me now? Understand my excitement seeing the all-too familiar elements of my CN novel collections?

HOWEVER! There’s an added twist to it.


It’s cause…. even when she transmigrated, the soul of the former owner is still there in her body! Suffice to say, yes, the FL and the former owner would switch from time to time! So, technically, there are like two FLs (the one who transmigrated and the original owner) and two MLs (the Eighth Prince for the former and the First for the latter)… in a sense.

While it may be confusing at first…. it’s really not. In my opinion, it was able to smoothly integrate it all into the plot. All I can say…. MAN THE FIRST PRINCE AND ORIGINAL OWNER DID GET THE SHORT END OF THE STICK THIS TIME! I really realllly wished they ended up together. My heart broke for them a gazillion times. GIVE ME A GLIMPSE AS TO WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM, DIRECTOR! WRITER! ANYONE?!



It goes without saying that the fate of those two was a bad ending. The original owner died in the hands of the First Prince who was controlled by the demon lord. She got in the way of his magic in order to protect the “Main FL.”

Unknown.jpegAt the same time, First Prince killed himself because he couldn’t bear to kill the FL, who he thought was still his original lover (he never knew there were two people in the body so, suffice to say, he also didn’t know he had actually already killed his lover). It was really a tragic end. Although it got toned down, in a sense, because of the lovely reunion of FL and ML afterwards… but thinking about it, it’s really sad. SOMEONE GIVE JUSTICE TO THOSE COUPLE!

Then again, I know by this point if you’re reading this spoiler you’re already rethinking whether to watch it or not… I still implore you, please! I really can’t put into words the depth of the First Prince’s character. And I really love him so much. If you’re gonna argue that “First Prince didn’t love Original Owner just as much for him to still end up marrying the Elder Sister… think again!” If those flashbacks and the Emperor’s words were any indication, he already exhausted everything that he knew.


Actually, because of this, I end up hating the grandpa (the founder of the Empire) to the core instead! I HATE HIM FOR WRITING THAT EDICT THAT FL IS ONLY FOR EIGHTH PRINCE.

PS. It’s actually the reason why, despite everything First Prince ever did, the Emperor will never allow the marriage of Original Owner and First Prince. It’s because of the edict of the past Emperor, i.e. the ‘Imperial Grandfather’! As to how this old man was able to think so far to dictate the marriage of people two generations younger…… that’s up for another spoiler. WATCH IT! I WILL NOT HAND OUT EVERYTHING TO YOU SO YOU’LL WATCH IT! :T HAHAHA

Although the ML is hands down lovable too… half of me (or more than half of me) is actually rooting for First Prince and Original Owner. The actors and actresses did a really great job! You cannot hate the FL and ML because they are just adorable dorks… but at the same time you also cannot help but root for the First Prince and Original Owner!

I’m in a love-hate relationship of the director and writer precisely because of this! WHO TOLD THEM TO REDEEM AND MAKE THE FIRST PRINCE A GOOD ONE?! They should’ve just let him stay as the evil guy. Now, my heart……

Moving on~

I know I’ve said it a lot of times, but I really love the story and the characters. Their temperament was just right… even the evil people were still within reason, i.e. justifiable, in my books. Actually, there aren’t much conflict. True, there is drama… but relative to usual CN historicals, especially if it involved Wangs and Emperors, nope, you won’t find it here! The Eternal Love is full of good, light-hearted fun. So if sad borderline masochistic dramas are your cup of tea, I suggest watching The King’s Woman or The Imperial Doctress instead. Or better yet, read The Princess WeiYang or Rebirth of the Empress of Military Lineage!

Eternal Love 15

ALSO! If talking about “overbearing” in dramas, by the way, no one can defeat the overbearing-ness of Mo Liang Cheng! This man was just hands down… OMG! He’s the slyest, smoothest af guy I swear! *squeal* SOMEONE GIVE ME A LIANG CHENG IN REAL LIFE PLS. I SHIP THESE TWO SO HARD! Xing Zhao Lin was so swoon-worthy too! Though there really were some stills and instances when I feel like he looked like Yang-Yang?! (・_・;) Aha. Ahahaha. Forgive me Yang-Yang fans~


Perhaps if there is one thing people don’t like about this, it’s the ending! Or, more like, those scenes and happenings before the ending! I say ‘people’, because while I understand them, I’m not against it.

TL;DR There was a shift to fantasy, specifically the always-existing Spiritual Realm.

And if other people’s opinions are any indication, well, not many bought that change in scene? Well, after all, majority of the plot was happy-go-lucky palace drama. But then, lo, we suddenly have Evil Lords and Destinies and Spiritual Realms. So, yes, I have to admit… er, there really was a change in pace. And I understand people’s frustrations.


Then again, it really wasn’t exactly that that I’m against with. I don’t mind the Spiritual Realm, past life-or-whatever destiny drama. For me, to be honest, it was actually interesting! Rather…


What I really am against with is the fact that THEY SHOULD’VE EXTENDED/EXPANDED THE SPIRITUAL REALM PLOT! I mean placed more cutesy scenes or whatever cutesy drama like their mortal lives!

For an example: Rather than Liang Cheng taking the mind-gathering pill for him to understand Xiao Tan’s feelings, IDK, WOULDN’T IT BE EXTRA ROMANTIC IF HE REMEMBERED ALL THOSE BY HIMSELF INSTEAD?! Like perhaps maybe after seeing the “all-too familiar” behaviour of FL… it being nostalgic or something?! Then cue in these flashbacks. It’s a long route, yes. But if they took that route, OMG IMAGINE MORE MOE SCENES! And of course, I’LL NEVER GET TIRED OF SUCH EXTRA MOE SCENES!

Moreover, I really wished they had given an account on Xiao Tan’s past life too (like her perspective). Did she really not love MLC in the past as what that douche Imperial Grandpa Ancestor made out to be? I can’t imagine it! Even if a lot of people said so, I really don’t believe it. Idk. There must’ve been a reason for it! I am dissatisfied!

More importantly, WHAT ABOUT THEIR KID?! Oops AHA. AHAHAHA

I can only lament that this drama had little budget! So it was understandable that the costumes (I feel sad for the Ninth Prince lol) and scenes were lacking, or that they had to cut off the ending. Then again, these are just “what ifs they had big budget” kinda thought and not really the hateful rants. I stick to my earlier statement that this drama was infinitely better than expected.

19984788_111629269480965_1443351947691163648_nFinal Verdict:

It’s a series 9.6/10 worth watching!

No awkward scenes. Good acting. Diabetes-inducing chemistry. Very agreeable ML entourage. Good characters to the point your loyalties will be tested (in my case, it was).

Despite this being a low-budget drama, I say the drama was able to magnificently pull through. What more! A season 2 is said to be in the works already! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

Last but not least, the Eternal Love imo here really pertains to Mo Liang Cheng’s love for the FL. It was definitely eternal, wherein he loved her to the core in their past life, loved her in their mortal lives, loved her when they went back to the Spiritual Realm and… well, things happened. MLC was willing to bend black and white for the FL, definitely like those MLs in novels! *swoons* (/▽\*)。o○♡

*Flies away to read the novel*

Disclaimer: I do not own the images. I just pulled them off of Google Images.

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