My official site for random game, food, music video and film reviews. Although, while other reviewers out there treat their reviewing as a profession or a strong-point hobby, for mine… aha ahaha Well, obviously, I’m a noob. So please do not expect in-depth and/ high-grade analyses. I’m really just basing my reviews on what I feel or think. That said, please beware of sudden bouts of stress, frustration, happiness or disappointment.

Moreover, most of the subjects I’m writing on are random. Actually, they are in synced with my current interests so I’m not exactly clinging to a certain topic. Hence, they can be as common as dramas or novels and food. Or can go to songs, MVs, and perhaps even as far as certain educational courses or societal criticisms.

Unfortunately, I tend to be very lazy as well… especially when it comes to writing. Hence, that combined with my interests and, well, I don’t think I’ll be the perfect person to look out for for reviews on current movie releases or trends. I won’t write about a topic unless I really absolutely feel so strongly about that material, whether positive or negative. Despite how popular it might be as of the moment.

Though, I gotta say my current strengths as of now lies on Asian romance novels and series, and certain action movies. I used to really love reading fictional printed books. Then again, while I still do love reading and printed books, fictional ones are limited to online materials like web novels and fanfictions and the printed materials to academic references. AHA. AHAHAHAHA Suffice to say, I’m no longer that updated with current book trends. But I’m a huge fan of some classics! And certain adventure-oriented books from a few years back. So I might make an article about them someday when I’m up for it. lol

Also, other than that, I actually plan on including a travel blog somewhere too! However, due to time and money constraints, most of these places will be from my home country, the Philippines.

If your interests line up with mine, please do not hesitate to browse though my thoughts about different topics. I also actually love an exchange of pointers so feel free to comment on and express your thoughts as well! 😀

Mabuhay! And cheers.